Peruvian Wool Tapestries for Sale

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Ancestral History and Contemporary Art Combined in a Peruvian Wool Tapestry

Maximo Laura was born in Ayacucho, Peru to a family of weavers 5 generations strong. Through life-long study of art history and literature that went beyond Peru, Mr. Laura grew to be not only an award-winning tapestry weaver but also one of South Americas pre-eminent and most unique textile artists.

Mr. Laura is a consultant, a designer and a lecturer on art. He is internationally recognized since his first exhibition in 1985 – his Peruvian Wool Tapestry collection has been featured in over 140 exhibitions in more than 29 countries, and his art is permanently and proudly displayed in museums and public buildings across the world – from South America to Washington DC, Paris to Latvia.

For those with exceptional taste, you can own a unique piece of handwoven Peruvian wool tapestry art designed by Maximo Laura himself.

Peruvian wool tapestries with Contemporary Style

One of the reasons that Mr. Laura has such international renown is that he is uniquely able to integrate and synthesize the historical weaving techniques, symbols, memories, myths and rituals of Peru with contemporary art techniques and style. This creates a modern take on ancestral weaving – something that is personal to Maximo Laura and the reason we use a Certificate of Authenticity for each individual piece.

Peruvian wool tapestries are one of the historical ways that art has taught us about traditional South American life. With depictions of myths and monsters, rituals and symbols, the tapestries are rich in culture as well as color – and breathe life into an ancient world.

Peruvian art as tapestries can be traced back to 1000BC and early Chavin society. In this time, tapestries showed realistic depictions of animals and humans as well as geometric patterns like chevrons and lines. Animals were mainly jaguars and snakes, and humans were often transformational or supernatural beings in an intricate and specific style.

As Andean societies rose and fell in South America, the style of Andean tapestries evolved too. Landscapes, and motifs of animals – especially llamas, became prevalent, as did abstract designs and beautiful, bright colors.

Maximo Laura has taken all these elements and woven them into his tapestry designs – so you can own a Peruvian wool tapestry full of heritage for your own home.

How to Hang Your Peruvian Wool Tapestry

Your Peruvian wool tapestry is designed to be hung on a wall, and you can use either metal or wooden poles in the sleeves at the top and the bottom.

The weight of these poles keeps the tapestry stretched so you can fully appreciate it. When you receive your Peruvian wool tapestry, look closely to see how different shades are created from single solid colored threads bundled together to make a new color – this technique means that your tapestry has a wide range of beautiful shades!

We don’t supply hardware for our tapestries – as we know that you might want to choose yours to integrate with color and furniture in your home.

To keep your Peruvian wool tapestry looking it’s best for longer, avoid direct sunlight without a barrier like a window, clean with a soft cloth or hand vacuum if it becomes dusty.

If you are ready to purchase your Maximo Laura tapestry, look at the range of themes available in our gallery now!

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