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A Maximo Laura wall tapestry can brighten up any room

Whether you want to remember your trip to Peru, you’re an art collector or are just looking for a sophisticated way to decorate your house, Maximo Laura wall tapestries are the way to go. They’re great conversation starters and something you’ll be proud to hang on your wall.

How are wall tapestries created?

When you buy a wall tapestry by Maximo Laura, you should know that it’s a unique piece of art. It takes time and effort to create the perfect masterpiece.

  1. Design – All of the tapestries start as a drawing on a piece of paper based on themes such as musicians, animals, landscapes, and mythology. The design can take months to get right before it’s ready to be turned into a tapestry.
  2. Painting – Once the design is ready, Maximo Laura colors the designs, whether it’s with colored pencils or computer-aided.
  3. Color interpretation – Now the colors are chosen, it’s time to create them. This is done by mixing different colored yarns together. This is what makes this work so unique – it’s hard to find solid colors in any of his tapestries.
  4. Template – The design is recreated to scale. It’s transferred to the loom and serves as a guide for the weaver to ensure maximum quality.
  5. Weaving – All Maximo Laura wall hanging tapestries are hand woven by specific weavers. Each weaver has their own way of working, so there will only be one person working on each tapestry. The finished piece can take weeks or even months to complete, depending on the size and difficulty.
  6. Cleaning and stretching – This makes sure that the wall tapestry is at its best when it’s shipped to you. Each piece will have a Certificate of Authenticity stitched onto the back.

Why choose a Maximo Laura wall tapestry

A Maximo Laura piece is something you will be proud to own. It can be a great conversation starter and a chance to show you’re sophisticated and well-traveled. Not only does it show your taste, but it will also improve any room it’s hung in. It allows you to contribute to the preservation and enrichment of a culture, as the wall tapestries embody and represent traditional Andean designs, stories, myths and symbols.

Traditional tapestries tend to be flat and woven using solid colors, but Maximo Laura changed the rules. His pieces are woven with textures that are 3D and created by blending yarn to create the perfect colors. This is what makes his tapestry art so special and enriching. You don’t just see his art; you can feel it. From afar, it can look like a painting, but up close, you can see the blended colors and the creativity that has gone into the work.

Buy your wall tapestry today

If you appreciate other cultures’ art and views, preserved in handmade, intricate woven pieces, or maybe you’re impressed by his work, you’ll want to buy a tapestry online by Maximo Laura. Whether you’re looking for abstract art or landscape images, we’ve got something you’ll treasure forever.

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