Hand Woven Tapestries For Sale

Own an authentic hand woven tapestry

Maximo Laura Tapestries are perfect as they are unlike any traditional tapestries in the world. Instead of being woven flat, Maximo Laura Tapestries are full of blended colors and textures that give the effect of a painting from far away, and a piece of tapestry art that can be touched and experienced up close. The inspiration for each piece comes from traditional Andean designs, stories, myths, symbols, and Laura’s own life experience. 

Are the tapestries hand woven to order?

Each tapestry is hand woven to order, so with each order, you should expect to wait between 4-5 weeks for the piece to be created. The length of time it takes for each tapestry to be made will vary, however, depending on how big the tapestry is and the complexity of the design. 

Are the tapestries for sale hand woven by Maximo Laura himself?

Maximo Laura does not weave the tapestries himself, but they are woven by Master Weavers, who have been trained by Mr. Laura to weave in his style and use his techniques. They are also woven in his studio in Peru, and the weavers work under Mr. Laura’s supervision. A group of Master Weavers weaves each tapestry because it can take between 4-5 weeks to weave each Peruvian tapestry, and if it is a large mural piece, it could take months to weave. If everything were woven just by Mr. Laura on his own, he would only be able to create a minimal number of tapestries every year. Each design is, however, drawn by Maximo Laura. 

All wall hanging tapestries is hand woven by one weaver at a time because although they are trained in techniques by Mr. Laura, you would be able to see the difference between each weaver’s work. This means that one weaver will work on your tapestry from beginning to end so that the work and technique are consistent throughout the piece. 

Why do people purchase hand woven wall hanging tapestries from Maximo Laura?

A tapestry from Maximo Laura is a great way to commemorate a fantastic trip to Peru. Many customers have been on a trip to Peru, seen a ‘beautiful tapestry by Maximo Laura,’ and been unable to leave Peru without purchasing authentic Peruvian textiles. Many customers are blown away by the details that inspire each piece that Mr. Laura designs and this story behind the piece is something that they can share with their family and friends when they ask about it.

The process of buying a tapestry from our website is simple, and our customers are kept up to date with the progress of their piece and the total price. Customers always comment that they have ‘no problem at all with the purchase or the shipping’ and would happily buy another Maximo Laura Tapestry in the future.

You will not be disappointed with the vibrant colors and the intricate, unique design that will bring warmth to your home. It will be the talking point for all your visitors, and you will have a story to share with them.

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