Hand Woven Tapestries For Sale

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Own an authentic hand woven tapestry

Maximo Laura Tapestries are perfect as they are unlike any traditional tapestries in the world. Instead of being woven flat, Maximo Laura Tapestries are full of blended colors and textures that give the effect of a painting from far away, and a piece of tapestry art that can be touched and experienced up close. The inspiration for each piece comes from traditional Andean designs, stories, myths, symbols, and Laura’s own life experience. 

Buying Hand Woven Tapestries For Sale From Maximo Laura.

Maximo Laura is the pre-eminent textile artist from South America. From his roots in Ayacucho in Peru to his new home in Lima he has brought Peruvian contemporary art to life on the international stage through the unique hand woven tapestries that he has created.

A fifth-generation weaver, Mr. Laura learned the techniques and methods involved in creating a hand-woven tapestry that is not only useful but also beautiful. Incorporating the memories, myths, rituals and symbols of his rich cultural heritage, these tapestries are synthesized with contemporary art to make pieces that are the perfect finishing touch for home, office or any other space.

Now a respected consultant, designer and lecturer on art, he has committed himself to a life-long study of art history and literature that goes beyond the borders of Peru and which helps to make his work so striking and unique. Some of his Peruvian tapestries are on display in museums across the world, as well as in the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, and the World Bank in Washington DC.

Why Choose Hand Woven Tapestries & Wall Hangings?

The methods and techniques used in traditional Peruvian weavings are traditional skills which have been handed down through generations. The way in which the intricate designs are created in such bright and vibrant colors is something that lends extra magic to the tapestries created by Maximo Laura.

Through our site, you can find a hand-woven tapestry for sale that would suit your needs and choosing a hand-woven tapestry gives you access to art that cannot be copied accurately by machinery and automation.

Each piece is handwoven on a floor loom by a single Master Weaver, chosen and trained by Maximo Laura himself. Every tapestry is made to order, and the process used is the same for every piece designed by Mr. Laura. A ‘cartoon’ (paper design that acts as a guide for the weaver) is transferred to cotton warp threads on the loom specifying the colors, textures and techniques needed throughout the design. This process can take 4-5 weeks to complete, and you will be sent photographs from the loom throughout the creation so that you can stay updated.

This process makes it worth buying a hand-woven tapestry instead of something mass-produced. Not only are you becoming a patron of the arts, but you will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity and a unique piece of art that is perfect for your space.

Are the tapestries hand woven to order?

Each tapestry is hand woven to order, so with each order, you should expect to wait between 4-5 weeks for the piece to be created. The length of time it takes for each tapestry to be made will vary, however, depending on how big the tapestry is and the complexity of the design. 

Are the tapestries for sale hand woven by Maximo Laura himself?

Maximo Laura does not weave the tapestries himself, but they are woven by Master Weavers, who have been trained by Mr. Laura to weave in his style and use his techniques. They are also woven in his studio in Peru, and the weavers work under Mr. Laura’s supervision. A group of Master Weavers weaves each tapestry because it can take between 4-5 weeks to weave each Peruvian tapestry, and if it is a large mural piece, it could take months to weave. If everything were woven just by Mr. Laura on his own, he would only be able to create a minimal number of tapestries every year. Each design is, however, drawn by Maximo Laura. 

All wall hanging tapestries is hand woven by one weaver at a time because although they are trained in techniques by Mr. Laura, you would be able to see the difference between each weaver’s work. This means that one weaver will work on your tapestry from beginning to end so that the work and technique are consistent throughout the piece. 

Why do people purchase hand woven wall hanging tapestries from Maximo Laura?

A tapestry from Maximo Laura is a great way to commemorate a fantastic trip to Peru. Many customers have been on a trip to Peru, seen a ‘beautiful tapestry by Maximo Laura,’ and been unable to leave Peru without purchasing authentic Peruvian textiles. Many customers are blown away by the details that inspire each piece that Mr. Laura designs and this story behind the piece is something that they can share with their family and friends when they ask about it.

The process of buying a tapestry from our website is simple, and our customers are kept up to date with the progress of their piece and the total price. Customers always comment that they have ‘no problem at all with the purchase or the shipping’ and would happily buy another Maximo Laura Tapestry in the future.

You will not be disappointed with the vibrant colors and the intricate, unique design that will bring warmth to your home. It will be the talking point for all your visitors, and you will have a story to share with them.

Hand Woven Tapestry: Art, Myth & Heritage

South America has many rich cultures, and the Andes have been home to tribes throughout the ages that created some iconic art. From the earliest Chavin examples (1000BC) to the more obvious Incan designs, art in the Andean region has included pottery, weavings, clothing and paintings. The traditional techniques and methods used to create Maximo Laura tapestries are a really important part of that history.

Owning your own piece of traditional art is simple with our online shopping experience. Choose your favorite design, and a single Master Weaver will begin to hand weave your tapestry on a floor loom.

Once your tapestry is complete, it will be stretched to its final size and cleaned. You can choose to pay at the point of order, or when it is dispatched. We accept payment using debit or credit card, or you can choose bank transfer or PayPal for your convenience. International shipping is available from DHL Express.

We suggest hanging your tapestry using either metal or wooden poles through sleeves at the top and the bottom so that the weight keeps the tapestry stretched correctly. This hardware is not supplied, although we can advise on the best items to use to ensure that your hand woven tapestry is displayed perfectly.

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