Vertical Tapestries

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Vertical Tapestries For Sale At Maximo Laura

If you are looking for a unique piece of art that is not like everything else that is available in your town, then you have come to the right place. Maximo Laura’s vertical tapestries for sale will provide your home with the talking point that you have been looking for. Visitors will be impressed when they see your vertical tapestry, and you can enjoy talking them through the unique features.

Our Peruvian vertical tapestries are the perfect choice for those who have traveled to the country and want a powerful reminder of your visit. You can soak up the rich culture from your tapestry as our designs embody and represent traditional Andean designs, stories, myths and symbols.

Master Craftmanship By Experienced Weavers In Each Vertical Tapestry

No matter which design of vertical tapestry you choose from our extensive catalog, your tapestry will be created by a master weaver. Your weaver will have been trained in the styles and techniques of Maximo Laura by Maximo himself, so you can be assured of the quality of the work. Your tapestry will only ever be woven by one weaver, and this ensures consistency of work as every weaver has a slightly different hand and you do not want to see any changes in your finished tapestry.

By using blended yarn in our tapestries, it means that not only will your tapestry look great, but it will also give you a 3D art experience. We use the millenary technique, and this gives our Peruvian tapestries a unique perspective that cannot be matched by other tapestries in the world. You can enjoy touching your tapestry and feeling the way the yarns have been woven together. When viewed from a distance, your tapestry can even be mistaken for a painting, so by choosing peruvian vertical tapestries for your artwork, you get the best of both worlds.

Whether you have been to Peru or not, a Maximo Laura tapestry will fill your home with warmth and color, making it appear more charming. The intricacies of the work will really set this piece of artwork apart, and you will not find the same tapestry hanging in your friends’ homes.

Your Vertical Tapestry Is Woven Just For You

You can purchase vertical tapestries online directly from Maximo Laura, and wherever you are in the world, your price will include international shipping. Your tapestry will be shipped using DHL Express.

As your tapestry is made to order, you can expect it to be ready in 4-5 weeks, although this does depend on the size and the complexity of the design. Weaving tapestries is a slow process, so only a few centimetres are completed each day, and the design is added to row by row.

When you have ordered your tapestry, we send you photographs of the progress so you will get to see what it looks like on the loom. As well as this, we send you a photograph of your finished product before we proceed to payment and the shipping process.

Order your vertical tapestry for sale today and enrich your home with the Peruvian culture.

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