Hand Woven Wool Tapestries for Sale

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Would a Hand Woven Wool Tapestry Bring Your Home to Life?

Maximo Laura has a hand woven wool tapestry for everyone. If you’re a well-travelled person interested in local indigenous cultures or just someone that values handmade, colorful and sophisticated pieces, Maximo Laura has created something unique for you, which we know you’ll love.

Why Choose a Hand Woven Wool Tapestry Over a Painting

You’ll probably see paintings or photos at your friends’ houses, and maybe some at your own, but tapestries bring something unique to your home. They’re a great conversation starter and a way to demonstrate o your friends your appreciation of different cultures and travels. And they don’t just look great; they help to contribute to the preservation and enrichment of Andean culture – myths, stories, and symbols.

Paintings are flat and are simply for show. However, Maximo Laura tapestries are a 3D type of art that can be touched and experienced – a different and unique technique from other tapestries for sale. The tapestries are woven with textures that give a 3D feel and instead of using solid colored yarn, they’re constructed using blended yarn. If seen from afar, you might think they’re paintings, until you get up close and can feel the art rather than just looking at it.

Our hand woven wool tapestries are weaved by only the best Peruvian weavers who have studied and been trained by Maximo Laura for years and know exactly how to best create each one. Each tapestry is woven by only one weaver, who is in charge of the piece from beginning to end. This is because although all weavers are trained on the techniques used, each weaver has a slightly different way of recreating the pieces, using slightly different tensions and movements during the weaving process. If a piece is woven by two weavers, it would be possible to see changes from one weaver to the other. Because of this, it can take longer for your tapestries to get to you, but the end result is worth it.

Why you Need a Maximo Laura Hand Woven Wool Tapestry

A Maximo Laura hand woven wool tapestry is an extremely unique piece that you won’t find in your average art store. Even the intricate colors are created with his own ‘butterfly’ technique. Different colored yarns are woven together before the final weaving proves to create the perfect colors and tones. From up close, it’s rare to find solid blocks of color, but they all come together as if it were a painting if you look from afar. A great piece to bring your room to life and wow any visitor.

So, whether you’re a long-time Laura lover or you’ve just discovered his work, have a look at some of his latest designs. They come in a range of different sizes and traditional Andean themes which you’ll fall in love with. If you get the chance, visit some of his original work at Museo Maximo Laura in Cusco or join in one of our 10-day workshops with him and 3 of his master weavers.

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