South American Textiles for Sale

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Buy Authentic South American Textiles Online

A warm and welcoming home is something that many people strive for, and art is a great way to achieve this. At Maximo Laura, the South American textiles for sale are colorful, textured and come in a range of different designs. By choosing one of our tapestries for sale, you can look forward to having a unique piece of art in your home and one that is sure to be a talking point with visitors.

Our customers love to buy our South America textiles online for many different reasons. They provide a beautiful piece of memorabilia from your travels, and while you sit back and enjoy your new piece of art, you can be transported back to your time in Peru.

Even if you have never traveled to Peru, you can still enjoy immersing yourself in some of the culture with our tapestries. What’s more, by purchasing a Peruvian tapestry, you are helping to ensure that the traditions of Peruvian culture are being kept.

A Unique 3D Experience Through South American Textiles

Maybe you have always loved bright and coloful paintings in the past, but you now fancy something that you can touch and fully experience too. A tapestry from Maximo Laura will allow you to do just that, and yet from a distance, they can look like a painting, giving you the best of both.

The special 3D effect that is created by Maximo is done through using the millenary technique, which uses a blended yarn, rather than the traditional method of using a solid colored yarn. It is what makes a textile from Maximo Laura Tapestries so unique.

Get Your South American Textiles For Sale From Maximo Laura Tapestries

If you are looking to buy South American textiles, look no further than Maximo Laura Tapestries. Browse through the catalog today to find one that you love. With a whole host of abstract and figurative tapestries, birds, musicians, sea life and Maximo’s private collection, your only struggle will be deciding which one to go for.

Whichever tapestry or Peruvian textiles you end up choosing, you can ensure that it has been weaved using master craftsmanship. All weavers that work for Maximo Laura Tapestries are the best contemporary weavers and have been trained in the styles and techniques of Maximo by the master himself.

You will be kept abreast of the progress of your tapestry as it will be made to order on request. We send photographs of the progress of your tapestry, including images on the loom. You will also be sent a photograph of your finished product.

Creating unique textiles from South America is a slow process and as the weavers can only add a few centimetres each day, the time it takes for your tapestry to be ready will be dependent on the design and the size of the piece you order. Usually, they are ready in about 4-5 weeks.

The cost of shipping is free, and we can deliver to any country in the world. We use DHL Express for our shipping.

Order your South American textiles online today, and you can look forward to the warmth and charm that it brings to your home.

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