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Unique Peruvian tapestry art for sale

If you are looking for a unique piece of artwork for your home or office, Maximo Laura is here for you. From abstract and figurative to landscape and animals, the Maximo Laura collection of tapestry art for sale includes something for everyone. They come in all different sizes for different budgets and different rooms. This art is one-of-a-kind, something you won’t find in your everyday tapestry art sale.

What makes Maximo Laura tapestry art so special?

Maximo Laura art is different from any art you’ll have seen before. It’s Peruvian tapestry art with a twist. Whereas tapestry is traditionally a flat piece, Maximo Laura pieces are woven with a 3D feel to them, so they feel as great as they look. From afar, they might even look like a painting, but you see its true beauty when you get up close. The colors you see are magnificent as each piece is created with a variety of colors woven together before they see the loom. This enables the craftsmen to create colors you wouldn’t normally be able to create through weaving alone and visual effects you might not think possible in tapestry. Maximo Laura aims to create an explosion of color and joy, which is clear in all of his modern tapestries.

Our Peruvian weavings for sale are all handmade through millenary technique and through a unique perspective that cannot be matched by other tapestries in the world. The texture quality and blends of colors of the tapestries we sell provide a totally unique experience in comparison to other textile arts/tapestries. They have the ability to make you feel proud and happy that you have something rare and exclusive – something that not everybody has.

Why choose tapestry as wall art

When you’re decorating your home, you need to think of what you want to hang and where. So, here are a few reasons why you should choose tapestry wall art over a painting.

  • It’s a great conversation starter – It’s something you don’t see every day in someone’s house, especially a Maximo Laura tapestry.
  • It can help preserve Peruvian tradition and culture – This is one of Maximo Laura’s wishes. He brings traditional art to the modern day with new techniques while keeping old styles.
  • They can make a wall come to life – The colors really make brighten up a room and give the wall a new style.
  • You can fold or roll them up – This makes them easier to store or move if you need to. It also makes it easier to give them as a present.
  • They’re versatile – You can use them as hanging art, or even curtains and ceiling hangings if you want to

Whether you’re new to the tapestry art world, or you’ve had your eye on Maximo Laura work for a while, choose your new tapestry today. You won’t find these pieces anywhere else and each tapestry is made to order. While they might take a while to create, you know you’ll be getting something unique and special. If you’re feeling inspired, we even have art tapestry weaving workshops available designed by the artist himself which take place with his daughter as the host.

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