Modern Tapestries for Sale

Maximo Laura modern tapestries are the perfect decoration for your home

If you’re looking for modern tapestries for sale, you’re in the right place. At Maximo Laura, we have a variety of different modern tapestries you might not be able to find elsewhere. From abstract arts to sea life, you might just find your favorite, no matter your budget.

What are modern tapestries?

Maximo Laura is a Peruvian tapestry weaver who mixes contemporary art with Peruvian textiles for sale. With these, he produces explosions of color, joy, and positive emotions. His tapestries are unique and cultural, which you’ll be proud to hang in your home. They are woven by only the best Peruvian weavers, specializing in modern tapestries. The 3D texture quality and blends of colors of the tapestries provide a unique experience in comparison to other textile arts/tapestries.

How to display your modern tapestry

The way that Maximo prefers is to hang the piece with 2 metal rods, one for the top sleeve of the tapestry and another for the bottom in a way that they are hidden from view. This hanging method is achieved by hanging the tapestry with two metal rods that are a bit shorter in length than the length of the tapestry, that way, once they are inserted into the sleeves of the wall tapestry, they won’t be visible from the outside. We recommend using metal rods because they weigh more than wooden rods. The more weight there is at the bottom of the tapestry, the more tension will be made once the tapestry is hanging and the piece will look better. However, it is also possible to use wooden rods.

The yarn used to weave the modern tapestries is the same that is used to create clothing, so it comes with protection against light damage. The only limitation is to not place the modern tapestries in direct sunlight without any kind of barrier, such as on a terrace. However, if the tapestry is going to be hanging inside, there is no problem. Even if the room has a lot of windows which let sunlight in, as long as there are barriers such as the glass in the windows, your tapestry will be fine.

If the modern tapestry is folded over long periods of time, fold lines can appear. If this is the case, you can steam the tapestry or stretch it with your hands and apply some force to the top surface of the tapestry, as you would do to a shirt.

Find your own award winning Maximo Laura modern tapestry today

Maximo Laura tapestries are stunning unique pieces that you won’t find in your average art store. Whether they bring up memories of your trip to Peru, or you just enjoy looking at the beautiful artwork, these are a great way to brighten up any room.

Have a look around our shop and see if there’s anything that catches your eye. We have a variety of modern tapestries for sale, so we’re sure you’ll find something you like. And if you are ever lucky enough to visit Peru, we’d love you to call into the Maximo Laura Museum in Cusco for more inspiration.

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