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More than Just a Luxury Tapestry – Peruvian History Woven Into Art

Maximo Laura has become one of South America’s pre-eminent and most unique textile artists, internationally known for creating tapestries that integrate and synthesize ancestral weaving techniques, symbols, memories, myths and rituals with contemporary art.

Born in Peru, Maximo Laura became a student of art, beginning a life-long study of art history and literature that took him beyond Peru and introduced him to the world of contemporary style. His fusion of Andean history with modern art is the basis for the creation for the luxury tapestry designs that have graced exhibitions and museums across the world.

Each luxury tapestry is handwoven on a floor loom and is designed by Mr. Laura himself from his home workshop in Lima, where he currently resides. This is also home to the first Museo Maximo Laura – opened in 1998, it houses a collection of the most important and richest artistic visions and is a place to encourage and inspire artists.

In the second Museo Maximo Laura, in Cusco, Peru, more tapestries are preserved and exhibited. This location is also home to workshops where attendees can learn about design, technology, color and texture as well as techniques for weaving that are usually reserved for the Master Weavers trained by Mr. Laura himself.

Themes and Motifs in Luxury Tapestry

Each one of Maximo Laura’s designs are based on his personal history and subjects that mean something to him. Usually created in a series on a theme, Mr. Laura uses traditional imagery and symbolism in his tapestries to bring Andean mythology to life.

One of the more prolific themes is sea life. Since moving to Lima, Mr. Laura has developed a close relationship with the sea, and he celebrates this with what is known as the ‘Galapagos Collection’. In these tapestries, created from Peruvian Alpaca wool and cotton, symbolism and imagery of Peruvian deities and the idea of duality are represented through traditional motifs.

Mr. Laura celebrates the rich history of music in Peruvian culture through luxury tapestry. Many designs feature musicians, a common theme, and these not only show how music was (and still is) an essential part of life in Peru, but also how music was used in rituals, such as celebrating harvests, festivals and even burials. Music was used in ancient Peru to heal the sick and communicate with ancestors, and often featured guitars, flutes and drums.

Students of Peruvian folk art tapestries will notice symbols and imagery throughout Mr. Laura’s tapestries, relating to deities and the dualistic nature of the world as seen by ancient cultures. Mama Killa (Mother Moon) is represented by a silver disk, and her brother Inti (the Sun God) by golden colors. Animals take on dual meanings, such as the condor representing the realm of celestial beings, and mountains are sacred.

Own Peruvian Heritage in Your Own Luxury Tapestry

Worldwide, Mr. Laura’s tapestries are wonderful windows into an ancient culture, and a representation of a society we don’t usually see.

Tapestries created by Mr. Laura adorn walls in the Smithsonian Museum, the World Bank in Washington DC and UNESCO Headquarters in Paris – as well as private residences across the globe.

You too can own luxury tapestry, handwoven to order – just choose your design.

When you make your order, a single Master Weaver, hand selected and trained by Mr. Laura, will begin to create your tapestry art. You will receive photographs from the loom, showing the progress on your piece. This process takes 4-5 weeks, and when it is completed and the order has been paid, we ship internationally via DHL Express.

Bring Peruvian history into your home with a luxury tapestry today!

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  • Abundant Fruit of the Sea IIAbundant Fruit of the Sea II

    Abundant Fruit of the Sea II

    $ 3,600
  • Path Towards My CenterSize: 118 x 39"

    Path Towards My Center
    Size: 118 x 39″

    $ 5,000
  • Song of the HeartSong of the Heart

    Song of the Heart
    Size: 31 x 78″

    $ 5,500
  • SolsticeSolstice


    $ 10,500
  • Together Receiving FertilitySize: 116 x 39"Together Receiving FertilitySize: 116 x 39"

    Together Receiving Fertility
    Size: 116 x 39″

    $ 5,000
  • Luna MiaSize: 82 x 47"Luna MiaSize: 82 x 47"

    Luna Mia
    Size: 82 x 47″

    $ 4,600
  • Full Moon Covered With BlueSize: 110 x 39"Full Moon Covered With BlueSize: 110 x 39"

    Full Moon Covered With Blue
    Size: 110 x 39″

    $ 4,900
  • Cosmic Harmony IISize: 82 x 47"Cosmic Harmony IISize: 82 x 47"

    Cosmic Harmony II
    Size: 82 x 47″

    $ 6,200
  • Twilight of the WalkerSize: 47 x 118"

    Twilight of the Walker
    Size: 47 x 118″

    $ 5,900
  • Winay Taky IIISize: 47 x 47"

    Winay Taky III
    Size: 47 x 47″

    $ 3,000
  • Dance of the Fire GodsSize: 39 x 114"

    Dance of the Fire Gods
    Size: 39 x 114″

    $ 5,900
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