Peruvian Wall Hanging Tapestries

Maximo Laura – Creator of Award Winning Pervuvian Wall Hangings

Maximo Laura creates award-winning Peruvian wall hangings for sale using that craft that he learned as a child, coming from generations of weavers. If you choose a tapestry created by the skill of Maximo Laura, you will receive a unique, handmade piece of art that you can be proud to have in your home. 

The History Of How His Pervuvian Wall Hangings Were Created

Maximo Laura leaned how to weave as a child. As a fifth-generation weaver, he would spend time weaving by his father’s side in Ayacucho, where he grew up. Laura’s art has developed through his own internal self-exploration and the exploration of the world around him, including the study of art history, which has become life long. His work is very heavily inspired by his Peruvian weaving history, drawing from stories and legends, and his own life experiences. Laura’s Peruvian wall tapestries are different from other tapestries in the world; they are art that you can touch. The 3D texture of the artwork and the unique mix of colors is unlike any other Peruvian wall hangings that you can buy.

Why Should I buy a Peruvian wall tapestry?

There are many reasons why you should buy a unique Peruvian wall hanging designed by Maximo Laura. People who have been on a trip to Peru may want to purchase a wall hanging to remind them of their trip. You can pick one that really resonates with you and encapsulates your journey. They are also just a great thing to have in your home. The beautiful mix of colors can brighten up your space while enriching it with its shapes, forms, and textures.

You will also get to own something woven by one of the best, award-winning contemporary weavers in South America. They are handmade, not mass-produced, and are perfect for somebody that can feel the value of a hand made piece of art that encapsulates culture. By buying a wall tapestry made by Laura, you will be contributing to the preservation of traditional Andean designs, myths, stories, and symbols.

However, one of the main reasons that you should buy a Peruvian wall tapestry is because it impresses and inspires you. Each Peruvian wall hanging is inspired by a different theme, story, or legend, and the unique colors help to bring them to life. The 3D texture also adds to what makes it impressive. It is a difficult technique to gain this texture, and most other Peruvian wall tapestries that you find elsewhere are flat, so this is a unique texture for a tapestry. Once you see one that you love, you won’t be able to stop thinking about it until you have it on display in your home.

Buy a Unique Peruvian Wall Hanging Today

If you are impressed with the fantastic work of Maximo Laura Tapestries, then you should get yourself a beautiful Peruvian wall hanging that you can display in your home. It is a great way to support the preservation of a Peruvian tradition while gaining a unique, handmade piece of art that will brighten up your home, and be a talking point for many that visit you.

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