Woven Wall Hangings

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Distinctive Woven Wall Hangings For Sale From Maximo Laura

Art should not be boring, and if you are looking for a unique piece of art for your home, the range of woven wall hangings for sale at Maximo Laura Tapestries is a great place for you to find the tapestry for you.

Whether you are after a beautiful memory from your time in Peru or you simply want to add color and texture to your wall, we have unique pieces for you to choose from. One thing is for certain, our handmade woven wall hangings are sure to be a great talking point for visitors to your home.

Add Unique Character To Your Home With A Handmade Woven Wall Hanging

A mass-produced canvas does not give your home the charm that it deserves, but with a woven wall hanging, you can fill your home with culture and demonstrate how you are well-traveled.

Along with this, by purchasing a Peruvian tapestry, you are contributing to the preservation and enrichment of culture as our designs embody and represent traditional Andean designs, stories, myths and symbols.

Thanks to the abundant color that features in our woven wall hangings, your home will be filled with warmth, making it a welcome space for you to come home to at night, as well as for any visitors.

Tapestries from Maximo Laura are not just there to look good. This art can be experienced using many more of the senses thanks to its 3D nature. Rather than using solid colored yarn, our tapestries are woven using blended yarn so they can be touched and explored. When you look at a Maximo Laura tapestry from afar, you could almost mistake it as a painting.

Choose Your Favorite Woven Wall Hangings & Order Today

Buy your woven wall hanging for sale from Maximo Laura Tapestries today, and you can look forward to the master craftsmanship from each and every tapestry that we sell. Furthermore, you can be reassured of the quality of each of tapestries because they are created by the best contemporary tapestry weavers in Peru. All of our tapestry weavers have been trained by Maximo Laura, and they work under his careful supervision.

Your chosen tapestry will only be weaved by one weaver so that you get a consistent finish to your artwork. While each weaver is trained in the techniques and styles, each one has a slightly different touch, which is why we only ever put one weaver in charge of your tapestry.

Your tapestry will be made to order and is woven by request. The time this takes varies and is dependent on the size of your wall hanging and the complexity of the design. Usually, you can expect that your tapestry will be ready to ship within 4-5 weeks.

You will be kept informed throughout the whole process, and we will even send you pictures of your tapestry on the loom so that you can see the progress. When it is complete, we send you a final picture and then take your payment.

Your payment includes shipping anywhere in the world so that everyone can enjoy a taste of Peruvian culture.

Wherever you are in the world, enrich your home with the colorful Peruvian culture reflected on our handmade woven wall hangings.

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