Peruvian Textiles For Sale

Unique Peruvian Textiles for Sale

Have you been searching for Peruvian textiles for sale? If so you will love the unique Peruvian woven textiles designed by Maximo Laura. Our wall hanging and tapestries are completely unique. They use blended yarn instead of solid colors so that from afar, they look like paintings. They are can also be touched and experienced as they are woven with textures making them have 3D elements, completely unlike traditional tapestries. 

What Is The Process To Create Peruvian Textiles?

There are serval different steps to designing and making a modern tapestry. Each one is just as important as the next.

The first step is drawing. Every Peruvian textile that Mr. Laura designs start as a drawing on a piece of paper. He will design the piece in accordance with the theme he is currently working on and has to keep in mind the technical complexities that will be needed to work into the tapestry. The more complex the design, the longer it will take for the tapestry to be made.

The next step is painting. When Mr. Laura is happy with the drawing, he will color it with colored pencils or with the use of a computer.

When the colored image is ready, it has to be sent to the Color Laboratory so that a specialist can hand-blend together a mixture of solid color threads so that they can match the tones that are needed for the textile. This is one of the things that makes a Maximo Laura Tapestry unique, because there are rarely any solid color blocks within a piece, there is always a variety of colors, even in the smallest sections.

Once the thread is ready, the line drawing needs to be drawn or printed to scale, creating a cartoon that can then be transferred onto the cotton warp threads. It acts as a guide to the weaver so that they know the design and the specific textures and techniques should be used in each area.

This is when the weaving can begin. The tapestries are all hand woven by Master Weavers, who have been trained by Mr. Laura in the same techniques that he has been perfecting since he was a child. Each piece is created under the supervision of Mr. Laura and takes weeks or months of work until the colors and textures of the tapestry art start to emerge.

When the weaving is complete, the woven textile needs to be removed from the loom so that it can be cleaned and stretched. The tapestry needs to be stretched as the tension of the tapestry changes when it is taken out of the loom. Stretching it helps with the elasticity of the tapestry, and helps to define the final size of it. 

When it has been cleaned and stretched, the final step is to stitch a Certificate of Authenticity on the back proving that it has been created with traditonal Peruvian textiles, which is signed by Mr. Laura. The piece can then be sent to its new home.

Buy Traditional Peruvian Textiles

Anybody who loves art with a story and background to it will love to own a handwoven tapestry by Maximo Laura. This artwork, with its unique colors and textures, will brighten up and bring personality to any home. 

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