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Buy Handmade Tapestries For Sale Online

Finding the perfect piece of artwork for your home can be tricky, but with beautiful handmade tapestries for sale from Maximo Laura, you can get a unique piece that is full of culture.

Our Peruvian handmade tapestries online displayed serve as a wonderful memory from your travels abroad. You will also be keeping a Peruvian tradition alive and let others see the wonder of the artwork from this country. Our tapestries for sale are steeped in culture and embody and represent traditional Andean designs, stories, myths and symbols.

With great depths of color and texture, not only does a handmade tapestry from Maximo Laura enrich your home, but they also come at fair prices.

Choose Handmade Tapestry For That Extra Special Touch

Art should be unique, and there is nothing more unique than a handmade tapestry that has been woven just for you. At Maximo Laura Tapestries, one weaver will create your modern tapestry, and it will solely be them that works on it until it is completed.

We make sure that it is just the one weaver because it means that your tapestry is weaved consistently, and although all our weavers are all trained in techniques and styles by Maximo, all have a slightly different hand in their tensions and movements. If more than one weaver was used, a difference might show where the weavers have changed.

Our handmade tapestries use the millenary technique, which brings a wonderful 3D texture to your tapestry. You can experience the full extent of this artwork by touching and feeling the intricate patterns. This is achieved by using a blended yarn rather than the solid colours that are used in traditional Peruvian tapestries.

Maximo Laura Tapestries has a catalog of great designs, including abstract and figurative tapestries, birds, musicians, sea life and others, and a variety of handmade tapestry prices.

Choose From Our Catalog Online & Order Your Handmade Tapestry

When you order your tapestry from Maximo Laura, a weaver will be dedicated to your project and handmake it for you. All tapestries are made to order and the time that it takes depends on the size that you are after and how complex your tapestry is. As your weaver weaves your tapestry, photographs will be taken so that you can see its progress on the loom. You will also be sent a final photograph of the finished tapestry. After this, we take your payment and prepare your order for shipment.

Your tapestry will come ready to hang with two sleeves in the back, one at the top and one at the bottom. You can then choose a hanging method that suits your tastes using either metal or wooden rods. Look at our tapestries on display for inspiration about how to hang yours.

Your order will be shipped using DHL Express. This allows us to send your tapestry to any country and add warmth, depth and color.

Maximo Laura’s contemporary handmade tapestries for sale give your home a modern look while still injecting a taste of Peruvian culture. Order yours today.

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