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Buy Peruvian Horizontal Tapestries For Sale From Maximo Laura

There is something about hanging unique artwork in your home that means you add character and warmth, and this is certainly the case with the horizontal tapestries for sale at Maximo Laura. Our tapestries provide you with a multi-sensory experience to artwork, and therefore it is a treat for more than just your eyes.

Our horizontal tapestries for sale come in a range of colorful designs to brighten your home and give you a fantastic memory of your time in Peru. It also demonstrates that you are smart and well-traveled so that visitors to your home will be impressed and you can look forward to many happy reminisces about your time there.

Even if you have never been to Peru, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy one of our tapestries in your home or office and experience the charm that it brings.

One-of-a-Kind Horizontal Tapestry Artwork Woven Just For You

When you are investing in a piece of artwork, understandably, you want to know that it has been crafted by masters of the art and that it’s of the high-quality that you would expect of such an item. Our Peruvian horizontal tapestries are woven by the best contemporary weavers in Peru, so you get a Peruvian piece of art from Peru itself.

After you have chosen your horizontal tapestry, one weaver will be assigned to your project. Your weaver has been trained by Maximo Laura himself, including his techniques and style. To ensure that your Peruvian tapestry meets our high expectations, we never use multiple weavers for the same project because you would see the changes in the style as each weaver has a slightly different hand. By using just one weaver for an entire project, we can ensure the consistency that gives Maximo Laura Tapestries its great name.

Each of the designs in our catalog embodies and represents traditional Andean designs, stories, myths and symbols, and by purchasing one, you are helping to preserve and enrich this wonderful culture.

Unlike traditional tapestries, our modern tapestries are created using a blended yarn rather than a solid colored yarn, which gives our tapestries a 3D feel. Therefore, you can touch your tapestry and experience the feel of this beautiful piece of artwork. From a distance, a tapestry from Maximo Laura can even look like a painting.

Explore The Catalog Online & Choose The Horizontal Tapestry For You

Our catalog features many different colored and patterned Peruvian textiles, Peruvian weavings, and tapestries that can be hung horizontally on your wall. Once you have chosen your favorite, we will assign a weaver to your project so that they can begin work. Our tapestries are made to order, so depending on the size and complexity of your design, it could take 4-5 weeks until it is finished and ready to send to you. But don’t worry, we keep you informed and send you photos of your tapestry so that you can see its progress.

Buy your horizontal tapestry online from Maximo Laura today and look forward to the unique piece of artwork that you can have in your home as it is one that you will not find in every hometown.

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