Andean Textiles for Sale

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Do you Love Andean Textile Art?

So does Maximo Laura. Whether you want a memento of your trip to Peru, you want to keep the cultures alive, or you just love Laura’s work. There’s something for everyone in Maximo Laura’s tapestry collection – you won’t find these Andean textiles for sale in your average art shop.

What Do Andean Tapestries Incorporate?

Maximo Laura is a huge fan of bringing Andean tapestry themes into his tapestries. They are based around different themes and shapes, from abstract and figurative to landscapes and animals. Each tapestry tells a different story of Andean culture. They envision and recreate traditional stories, myths, designs and symbols through unique arts and colors, truly coming to life.

By purchasing Andean textiles, you don’t just help conserve their culture, they can preserve your memories of your travels. Cultural travelling is an amazing experience which you’ll no doubt remember forever. You can pass down these memories through generations with these tapestries, both keeping alive Andean culture and creating a family bond. But, for now, it’ll look great hanging on your wall.

Our tapestries are woven to order by only the best Peruvian weavers who have studied and been trained by Maximo Laura for years and know exactly how to best create each one. Only one weaver will work on each piece to ensure it’s of the highest quality; however, this means your tapestry can take weeks or even months to create. The wait will be worth it though as you’ll own a unique piece of 3D woven art which won’t match any other.

How are Maximo Laura’s Tapestries Created?

While each piece is one of a kind, each tapestry is created in just 6 steps:

  1. Design – Any piece of art starts as a drawing on a piece of paper. This design can take months to get right before it’s ready to be turned into a tapestry.

  2. Painting – Once the design is ready, it is given colors to bring it to life. This is one of the most important parts before the colors are created.

  3. Color interpretation – Each color is made by mixing different colored yarns together. This ‘butterfly’ technique is unique to Laura and creates a beauty that can’t be replicated.

  4. Template – The design is recreated in the right size. It’s transferred onto the loom as a guide for the weaver.

  5. Weaving – All Maximo Laura pieces are hand woven tapestries by specific, highly professional weavers. While they are all taught the same, each weaver has their own way of working, so there will only be one person working on each tapestry.

  6. Cleaning and stretching – This makes sure that the tapestry looks great for as long as possible from the moment it leaves us and for many years to come.

Buy Yours Today

We have all sorts of unique Andean textiles for sale, handwoven to your request. Maximo Laura is always coming up with new ideas and designs so keep an eye out on our website because you might just find your new favorite.

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  • Andean Reminiscence IISize: 47 x 31"

    Andean Reminiscence II
    Size: 47 x 31″

    $ 1,600
  • Ritual of the Andean CrossSize: 23 x 35"

    Ritual of the Andean Cross
    Size: 23 x 35″

    $ 790
  • Andean DawnSize: 47 x 47"

    Andean Dawn
    Size: 47 x 47″

    $ 1,790
  • Dwelling of the CondorSize: 47 x 31"

    Dwelling of the Condor
    Size: 47 x 31″

    $ 1,750
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