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Hand/Eye Magazine

Maximo Laura was recently designated as one of Peru’s Living Treasures, an honor worn easily by this self-taught artist whose textiles have received numerous …

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Private Air: Luxury Homes Magazine

Inspiration comes from the Peruvian highlands, pre-Columbian hisotry and textiles, and the real-life tapestry that is Latin America …

Alpaca Culture Magazine

The color found or used in a piece is an enigmatic and mysterious
act; a high sensitivity challenge; it gives life and spirit to a
composition …

Estilos y Casas

El hilo que teje su vida está marcado por colores y simbolos que rescatan una cultura que lejos de perdida, se mantiene viva y en constante cambio …

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Fiber Art Now Magazine

In many villages throughout Peru, time has stopped. Indigenous people proudly wear traditional clothing that identifies their specific region and community …

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Wild Fibers Magazine

In a culture with a spectacular, centuries-old tradition of textile production, the tapestries of Maestro Máximo Laura stand out from the rest. Máximo Laura’s …

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Fiber Arts Magazine

The art of Maximo Laura Taboada  is rooted in the global his­tory of weaving. Traditional techniques such as Aubusson, soumak, kilim, and anillado provide the context   …

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Textile Forum Magazine

The following text summarises the con­tent of two conversations I had with Maximo Laura in Costa Rica between 10th and 13th September of this year …

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Living in Peru Magazine

I first became familiar with the brilliant work of Maestro Maximo Laura in 2012 when his work was on exhibit in Canada …

Textiles Peruanos

From his earliest childhood he has carried a love for art in his blood and in his heart, and later with creativity and the technique …

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