It is always interesting to see the works in High Definition, so I would love to share this special gallery with you.

Many of the tecniques in the images will be taught during the workshop, although applied in a small manner (as we only have 10 days) but this is a great way to learn and explore how different techinques can be applied in a big design.

You can click each image to zoom in and get the full experience of the rich textures and color combinations.

When viewing this page, please give time for the images to load, I hope you enjoy them!


“Embrace of the beloved”

120 x 160 cm (47 x 62 in)

“presage of love”

136 x 120 cm (53 x 47 in)

“abundance of fertility of the earth”

195 x 123 cm (76 x 48 in)

“Blessed Fertility”

120 x 150 cm


100 x 120 cm


100 x 120 cm

“five manta ray fish”

100 x 160 cm

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