Alpaca inside Maximo Laura Tapestry Studio in Lima, Peru


We offer the service of converting your painting or design into a Hand Woven Alpaca Tapestry with our Commission Service



How does the commision process work?

The submission for commissions is a 4 Step Process that applies for large and small tapestries:

  1. Submit an image file of the desired painting or design via email with basic information of the work. This information includes original medium, original size and a estimated final tapestry size.

  2. Maximo Laura evaluates the submission and client will be sent an initial quote based on the estimated complexity and size of the work.

  3. After the first quote is sent, client will start a conversation with our Creative Director about details of the work, such as colors and textures of preference for the final tapestry. We will offer a final price and estimated production time for the tapestry.

  4. Upon receipt of a 50% deposit, the tapestry making process will begin in the studio.

What happens during the tapestry making process?


Line Drawing

The tapestry making process is a slow process that can last from 4 weeks to several months, depending on the complexity and size of the work. At Laura´s studio, the process begins with a  line drawing and a color painted image of the desired artwork.


Maximo Laura drawing for his tapestry Line Drawing


Maximo Laura painting for his tapestries Painted Drawing 

Interpretation of Colors

After the line drawing and colored image are ready, the colors are interpreted and transferred to a group of  dyed alpaca threads.  “Butterflies” of dyed alpaca threads are carefully chosen and blended, as seen below, which is another reason Maximo Laura’s work is renowned around the world.


Alpaca wool colors inside Maximo Laura workshop in Lima, PeruColor Blending Technique


The small line drawing is then drawn to the scale of the tapestry, creating what is known as the “cartoon”. The cartoon will be transferred to the cotton warp threads on the loom to guide the weaver. The cartoon also specifies the sections of the tapestry where different textures and techniques will be included.

Weaving Process

After the cartoon and colors have been interpreted and selected, a weaver from Laura’s workshop, who has been personally taught by Laura, will undertake the weaving process with careful supervision by Laura.


Weaving technique of peruvian tapestry weaver Maximo LauraWeaving on the Loom

Streaching and Cleaning

Row by row, the colors and textures emerge into images under the careful supervision of Laura. In its final and finishing stages, the tapestry will be cleaned, stretched and a Certificate of Authenticity will be stitched onto the back of the tapestry and signed by Laura. These final stages can take from 2 to 5 days.


Finished Tapestry by Maximo Laura Final Tapestry

For more  information about commissions, reach us through our conctact page or email us directly at:


Past Commissions by Laura


Maximo Laura Tapestry for the Lutheran ChurchCommissioned tapestry for the Augustana Lutheran Church, USA


Tapestry by Maximo Laura

  Tapestry inside the church


Commissioned tapestry for Carondelet Village Center, USA

Maximo Laura Tapestry for St. Joseph HospitalCommissioned tapestry for St. Joseph’s Hospital, USA



Maximo Laura with the commissioned tapestry



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