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Living between Fibers and Colors

“Maximo’s work represents a masterful continuity in Peru’s textile traditions. His work is a woven symbiosis of Ancient Andean Textiles, international influences, and something deeply personal. It’s art.” – Hand/Eye Magazine
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Award Winning Tapestries

“My artwork contains completely defined forms, whose personalities, iconographies and symbols take shape from magical realism.”


“Color in my work serves as
one of the main ways transmit a message, an intimate contact with oneself and with the spectator. Color is a powerful wave of energy, light and depth in every section of my work.”

“Living Human Treasure”

Maximo Laura was recently designated as one of Peru’s Living Treasures. This important award is given, following UNESCO guidelines, to an artist whose role is to preserve and elevate the culture of their homeland.

Wild Fibers Magazine
Obsessive…Feverish…Intense…Maximo Laura’s distinctive style provides a bold interpretation of Andean Art

Fiber Art Now Magazine
Maximo Laura gives Ancient Andean Culture the voice of today.

Fiber Arts Magazine
Complex tapestries intertwine Peruvian tradition and contemporary aesthetic.

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