Heirs of our Magic – Maximo Laura


  1. Sandra Boynton

    You WILL become my ULTIMATE weaving experience!! I want to know ABSOLUTELY everything you have to offer. Having just discovered you this morning, I am in tears viewing all that I have! How can anyone accomplish all of this beauty? You are beyond an inspiration for my weaving. I am amazed that an image of your work simply “APPEARED” on my Facebook connection. Your discovery this morning will make my life so much happier because I do understand the concept and importance of life symbols involved with different cultures.

    THANK YOU for coming into my life at this time!!

    • Carol Schnetzer

      What a beautiful gift in these troubled times….because of not being able to leave the house except for short walks
      around the neighborhood….beach walking will result in a fine even if alone…I have started to work on a quilt.
      So I am pulling colors of fabric to cut and join. Your video reinforced that I can still be creative as a number of years have passed since I last attempted such a project. I have married and it was my husband who found your museum prior to our
      trip to Peru and knew I would be delighted to visit. And yes your tapestry is hanging in the dining area so we can
      enjoy the beauty with every meal.
      Thank you so very much for the warmth extended from your beautiful creations.


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