the magestic splendor of the lights and shadows of the andes has been captured BY the work of maximo laura one of peru’s most renowned weavers 


The Andes is a magical place where light and shadows play an elaborate dance with the mountains and villages, from sunrise to sunset, the natural beauty of the landscapes blend with the traditions and cultures that have been flourishing for centuries.

Award Winning Artist, Maximo Laura, was born in the Andean town of Ayacucho, is a 5th generation weaver who has been capturing the essence and magic of the Andes through his hand woven tapestries for more than 30 years. Inch by inch, the natural and cultural essence of Peru is carefully portrayed, bringing together a millenary tradition with a contemporary vision.

Anyone who has visited the Andes and seen its majestic beauty, has experienced memories that will last a lifetime.

You can now experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the Andes through the complex tapestries by Maximo Laura, where the colors and textures of Peru intertwine through its threads to bring the essence of the Andes to your home.

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As a young man in the 1980s, Laura left his small rural town of Ayacucho and turned to weaving as a means of supporting himself and his studies. With time, he recognized that weaving was his true passion, to which he would dedicate his life. 

Year after year Laura´s tapestries received recognition internationally for their originality in technique, content and quality. A major turning point was in 1992, when he was awarded a UNESCO Prize for the whole of Latin America.

As Maximo Laura started traveling abroad entering competitions and exhibiting his art, his visual and conceptual world expanded as he came into stimulating contact with his peers – other contemporary artists and art movements – vastly different and inspiring architecture and ancient art from other cultures, energized by their accomplishments which had an impact on his own. 

From the time Laura was a very young man, he has always looked to preserve and elevate his culture by sharing his knowledge with children in isolated communities in the Andes, with visitors from abroad, through workshops and conferences and through many other means. And at home in Lima, Laura now has a studio and works with Master Weavers who work with him to create his works.

While he now lives and works in Lima, his work is deeply imbued with the legends and storytelling of his Peruvian heritage and with his own very compelling life experiences. Laura draws from many sources of inspiration, such as Chavin culture which is expressive and totemic; Paracas which is colorful and strong; Nazca and Huari for their geometric forms; and Chancay for its sobriety and linear spirit.

All of the tapestries by Maximo Laura are carefully hand-woven on a floor loom by a selected group of Master Weavers.

Row by row, the colors and textures emerge into images under the careful supervision of Maximo Laura. Some tapestries might take weeks to create, others might take months, but they all take the patience and attention to detail of experts to become a piece.

bring a piece of the andes to your home - shop here

In 2014 Maximo Laura was included in the international exhibition Game Changers: Textile Art Masters and Innovators, which features the work of a select few artists who have continually pushed the boundaries of their medium over the course of their careers.

Owners of Laura´s work include the World Bank in Washington D.C., the UNESCO Headquaters in Paris, the  Smithsonian´s National Museumof the American Indian, the Museum of Iberoamerican Craft in Spain, the Museum of the Americas in Miami, the The Latvian National Museumof Art and the National Museum of Peruvian Culture.

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